New Domain Name

New domain name in use today! It’s I take the name from my favorite piano music Sundial Dreams by Kevin Kern.

I have to say that register an ideal domain is really difficult. Especially for those which are based on common words or phrases. I spent more than a week on GoDaddy, searched hundreds of domains, encountered numerous times of taken, premium and auction results. It’s really frustrating, but it also indicates that I have a good eye for domain. ;-)

So, the final result of this epic registration process, comes out. I’m satisfied so far.

One last thing to mention, I didn’t register this domain on GoDaddy because I had problem on payment. The only payment method I can choose was credit card and it was not work for me. So I registered on Namecheap. The website of Namecheap is well designed except the dashboard page really sucks.